CRM-Map is an economical interactive Mapping tool.  To keep the product flexible and economic for our customers and their different organizational needs, we have split our product pricing into four parts:

  1. Monthly User License
  2. Add On Link (only applicable if you are using MYOB, QuickBooks, Maximiser or Zoho)
  3. Map Usage
  4. Cloud storage

Monthly User License

For each User per CRM-Map Company, there is a monthly fee. This fee is USD $ 9.00 including tax or AUD $ 9.90 including GST. This fee is paid monthly in advance by auto debit.

Add On Link

For each CRM-Map Company using an Add On Link to products such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Maximizer or Zoho, there will be an additional charge of USD $ 9.00 including tax or AUD $ 9.90 including GST.  This fee is paid monthly in advance by auto debit.

Map Usage

We operate under Google Maps OEM API Premium Plan. Under this license agreement there is a small charge of an average of 1 credits (cost is 8 cents per credit) for every map refresh from Google.  To keep license fees to a minimum we include for free 30 map credits with each monthly license fee and other map credits are on charged depending on your map usage option. As a CRM-Map customer, you purchase credits—called CRM-Map Credits. All of your company’s requests for Map views consume credits from your pool of credits you purchase over and above your allocated free 30 map credits per user per month. If your application consumes all of the credits in the pool, you can purchase additional credits, as needed. Note: Currently Google does not classify refreshes when zooming in and out, or moving around the current map as chargeable.  Your/our charges are directly related to Googles on credit usage rules.

Usage rates

Usage Type Consumes this many Maps Credits
Map load 1
Static to Street / Street to Static View change 0.25

When your CRM-Map credit balance falls below a certain level, which we determine from your usage, we will send you an email reminding you to top up your balance with further funds.

Cloud storage

Some CRM-Map users, will wish to attach files such as photos, records and documents to their transactions. These files will be stored on our Amazon secure file storage.  This encrypted, secure server is load shared between the USA and Australia.

If you select to have this great additional feature the cost will be a monthly additional fee of USD $ 9.00 including tax or AUD $ 9.90 including GST. This fee is paid monthly in advance by auto debit.

An email will be sent to you when your storage allocation is getting close to your current limit which will remind you to top up your account with further funds, or empty some of your files.

CRM-Map allows access to your data at any internet connected location, easily and economically.

If you have any further queries regarding pricing please do not hesitate to contact us at



The price on our website supersedes any previous website or quoted pricing. To the extent the price on the website differs from quoted pricing, the price on the website shall prevail. All prices are subject to change without notice.